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Monday, August 11, 2014

30 Day Journal Project, Day 10, What makes for 'happy'?

Today's theme is consideration of what it is that makes one happy, or what IS happiness.  Lists would be appropriate, because it depends...and because there are so many things (again, "The world is so full of a number of things..." etc.)

But I will focus on one thing that makes me happy:  Grandchildren.  More specifically at the moment, our seven year old granddaughter.  A refreshing repeat of her mother, our eldest, exponentially so. Caring, chatty, competent, purposeful, assertive, cheerful, considerate, active, athletic, artistic, musical, an all around joy.

And it looks like granddaughter number two will be the watch the two of them, one six and one one year old, last summer was funniest home video material.  The six year old failed at blowing up a balloon, projecting it to fall a few feet away, instead, and provoking the baby to break out in deep throated, hearty laughter which was then shared by both.

Not to ignore our grandson, watching him mature and grow, flexing his spirit as well as mind and body.

It's a joy to see our own children grown up, productive members of society, with spouses who share their space and children and purposeful and basically happy lives.  To know them and be able to see and speak with them, to enjoy their joys and accomplishments, to spend time with them, to be able to listen to their disappointments and and be able to tell them, in faith, that this too shall pass.

"I count it all joy."  Happy.

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