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Monday, May 7, 2012

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty, a travel poem

Get me to my group on Time.

Try as I might to be on time
just when I'm trying the hardest
something happens to hold me up
like printing out enough copies
for each one in my writing group
and developing a back kink
as I rushed to get out the door.
So it's back to the microwave
where I heat therapeutic beads
in a sack to put on my back
pause long enough for it to take,
determined to go anyway.
For once I remember to take
my purse, my keys, and all the work
that I hope I can share today.
Rain dulls the day, freshens the earth,
reminds me to take care en route.
Saturday freeways are busy
as I carefully change the lane
from entry to right, then to left,
then back to right and the exit.
I like the River Road exit,
smoothly execute the gentle turn,
gliding forward as I slow down
to a respectable thirty-five,
past the suburban train station,
a new and needed addition
to life in suburban Fridley.
I carefully pay attention
so I don't overshoot my turn
into the modest parking lot
of the Banfill-Locke Art Center,
only half an hour late.
A small bell welcomes, at the door.
My comfortably clogged feet
leave a message on the floor:
She's coming...late, again.The group
is already at work, reading
and listening to each other,
looking at their work with new eyes.
they eye me as I enter, sit,
and join in the conversation.
They welcome me, and, already,
I am calm, and  I'm affirmed.
I wouldn't miss it for anything.

A Clerihew (gesundheit!)

Just kidding; a clerihew is not a sneeze, but a specific poem form: a short biographical poem with end-rhyme scheme of  AABB but no particular rhythm.  Though national poetry month is but a memory, I want to honor its memory by activating a few of the daily prompts, to challenge my poetic brain to get itself back into writing gear (I had taken a break to submit an application requiring a forty page writing sample. And after that, a break to recover from the frenzy of doing so.)  Today, a clerihew:

I intended to write a clerihew,
or at least something to encourage you.
Unfortunately, my brain took a walk
while I frittered time away on eating and talk.