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Saturday, June 4, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Thirty and I'm Glad

May 30, but not published until June 4:  NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Thirty and I'm Glad

I'm glad I stuck it out to the thirtieth day of the April challenge, for several reasons:
...The participant's poem quoted is a ghazal, a particular poem form I try periodically to understand and create, the featured foreign poet is a Mexican woman--timely because we just happened upon the biographical movie, FRIDA, another creative Mexican woman, last night,
...because the challenge is to try my hand at a translation, the example being the bilingual blog of a gardener who writes in both English and German, a language I studied briefly in college and into which (language) I dip for mental floss on occasion.
...all interesting and fun to me.
...Oh, and I learn from the gardener's blog that the NaPoWriMo creator is named Marlene who, in her own introduction today, gives her email address for feedback; needless to say, I have some!  But, for now, just,  Good morning, and thank you, Marlene!

I understand Hugo Wolf's German translation-from-the-Italian poem, Auch Kleine Dinge, is in the public domain.  If this is not true, someone please tell me and I will remove it from this blog and the net. The translation from the German into English is my own.  I did my best not even to look at an
English version before I did my own.  My aim was to craft the sense of the thought into a new and fresh poem.  Hopefully I did so along the lines of intent of the original, which I have yet to see!

(poem pending further revision...)