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Monday, March 14, 2011

Of course, plans are ideal....

But reality and too much inertia often have their own way(s). I compose in my head ad infinitum, but getting it on paper is 'hit and miss.' My goal is to write everyday. Well, if you count grocery and to-do lists, notes scribbled on previous writings, sticky notes, calling cards, page margins, and printed program, I might come close. (Of course, e-correspondence puts it over the top. But will I ever go back and actually record highlights of my extensive correspondence???)
The last six weeks have brought fresh motivation, in the form of adequate rest, familiar surroundings, an extended period of silence, daily meditation, writing discipline somewhat renewed, enquiries from accountability peers (You know who you are, and I love you!), the freeing-up that accrues from physical exercise, and faithfully organizing/discarding SOMEthing, most every day...even a little bit frees up space in the mind (not to mention the desk!)
'THE play' has enjoyed a read-through. Unfiled notes are being processed. Poetry writings are now organized (whew)  in a single file. (I notice the pun in that...the second seems to be a reminder to get those MSs moving out!...) Old unused files are being deleted and single-side copies relegated to a 'paper drawer' in order to be used for printing draft copies. My (realtime) voice is finally finding itself again. It's nearly spring.
This blog calls out for renewed effort...and recently told me the direction it wants to take. Lordwilling, I'm ready to roll with it.  Stay tuned, and I'll tell you what the direction is. Promise.

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