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Sunday, April 1, 2012

NaPoWriMo Day 1

April is NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, a challenge to write a poem a day. Here are my first ‘scratchings.’ Today’s prompt was to explore the theme of ‘carpe diem.’ Today I also learned that 'hosanna' means 'save us,' not 'alleluia,' as has been widely presumed.

Palm/AprilFool's/Sun/day by Shirley Smith Franklin

Winter was very mild this year, once or twice storms,
later, brief morning dustings; nothing ever stayed.
Noon sun beamed, early buds swelled.
Usually buried, or at least dormant, by March,
tiny spears of green had silently reappeared.
Still, each day’s dawn was cold, as usual.
Winter had been extremely mild; dared we expect
such early spring? Temperatures rose, runners
donned their shorts, or their short shorts,
buying into the season, ready or not.
Winter had been so mild, returning birds sang almost
tentatively, calling forth April with nervous chuckles,
lest the cold return in jest.
Today, children followed their parents to church,
processed with the choir, waved palms, cried hosanna.
Later, they ran out to play.
It can be spring if you want it to be,
like the lone, chilly tulip, its scarlet cup
bending to catch up a moment of sunshine,
or the scarlet cardinal, finally convinced,
spilling over with bubbling joy.


  1. Writing from India the past few months hit a dry spell. "Wedding in Warangal, part 2" will eventually make its way to this column. Meanwhile, a poem a day keeps writing doldrums away!

  2. Wonderful poem Shirley (and i was wondering if you were home or not)
    You put a lot of thought into this...I usually don't get to see the prompt because I'm at work. I'm winging it!

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Yes,I'm very much at home. Thinking to change the fifth-from-last line to "It's spring whenever you choose to believe" (or, "want it to be")...What's your take on that?