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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day Six

Last April's Day Six's poem is/was to be about an animal, creative (of course) and playful in form as well as content...written our kitchen in India, where conditions are very different from those in Minnesota, in mind.

The Mouse in Our Kitchen

Lives in a box
in a nest of boxes
behind the meat safe
in the screens of which
he has gnawed fruitless holes
in search of sustenance
but finding none
in our absence.
he lets us know he
his wife and his family
are present, or presently
going to be here, and hungry.
So the two nibble and gnaw
as they make their home
and their way through
the nest of boxes.
We don't mind
they don't find
our real provisions,
or cause any divisions
in ingredients we crave
or were planning to save.
They can forage in the dustbin,
they can

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