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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ah, a New Day

Every day is a new beginning.   When I was a teacher, I always allowed students a fresh start, a new day.
As a writer, I try to follow Julia Cameron's advice, to "sweep out the mind" by writing up to three pages of whatever is on, or comes to mind, before anything else, in the morning.  It is a kind of journal, though, often, not necessarily the kind of journal I would want to be remembered by--bits of dreams, rants, to-do lists, complaints.  Still, those few lines, and at least a brief period of devotions, help me to stay focused on writing, and hopeful, throughout the day.

These lines from my friend Lynn Fisher's blog "On and Off the Page" resonate with me, and the insight at the end rings true:   "There is no ritual like the work itself, but I do (like to) get up early enough that I can spend a little time writing, usually on pages in my journal …or on blank pages. When I don’t journal I feel as though something is missing in my life...I suppose what is missing is me. "

Thanks, Lynn!

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  1. And thank you Shirley. On to a new beginning!