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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Napowrimo Day Twenty Three: Children's Poem

Napowrimo 2014 Day twenty two,and we are challenged to write a poem for a child...nursery rhyme or whatever.  Having a one year old granddaughter at the writing, I think of writing one involving an early learning concept: colors, letters, everyday science, and/or self concept.

Counting My family

I fall asleep counting my family:
One is Mommy, two is Daddy,
three and four are
Grampa and Grammy,
five and six are brother and me,
number seven is my kitty,
nearest and dearest of all to me.
Oh, my cousins are eight, nine, ten.
I yawn as I start all over again,
counting my family as I fall aslee....

                   --Shirley Smith Franklin

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