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Friday, July 18, 2014

What does this mean?

I've subtitled  my blog "poetry, music, and travelogue which, as Pooh would put it, all turn out to be about the same thing."  Let's see how we're doing, shall we? (Poor word choice:  what it you should decide to respond with a no? Or wonder who in the heck "we" are.)  Anyway.  A quick review:  National Poetry Writing Month is over.  I'm done with that, unless an unexpected poem wanders in between now and next April.  There may or may not be thirty poems here, from  this year's challenge.  When I saved some as drafts to work on at later dates...well into May...I lost track.  Sorry about that.

Music.  Hmm, well, I could muse in words, which I occasionally do.  But unless I learn that and how there is a way to include audio here, those musings will be relatively unmusical.  I would love to be able to share a video of playable music developed from an image of birds sitting on a wire (You can find it at, which left me speechless.  What order and symmetry is yet to be discovered, all around and within us?!

Which is a nice segue into another emphasis of "The Last Page...", that of travelogue.  But that will wait until I travel again...Lordwilling in the fall and/or winter.

When and where are you going?

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