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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Challenge Remains

NaPoWriMo (April as National Poetry Writing Month) is long past and the balmy breezes of June lure one away from the desk, but the unwritten daily poetry writing challenges of NaPoWriMo's eleventh through thirtieth days remain, and remain on my mind.  And so it is with (more than?) mere curiosity that I turn back to the unfinished list, to see whether the next prompt might indeed prompt me to write a poem.  And it is a challenge indeed.
The challenge is to get "rather classically formal, and compose a poem in Sapphics. These are quatrains whose first three lines have eleven syllables, and the fourth, just five. There is also a very strict meter that alternates trochees (a two-syllable foot, with the first syllable stressed, and the second unstressed) and dactyls (a three-syllable foot, with the first syllable stressed and the remainder unstressed). The first three lines consist of two trochees, a dactyl, and two more trochees. The fourth line is a dacty, 
                                                followed by a trochee."       And if you can figure out what happened to my formatting as I noodled around trying to get smart, well, more power to you!

Always running late, thinking to create

Oh my goodness, back to the drawing board.  I'll have to draw this out in a diagram to be able to get my head and my words around it (not to mention the formatting...and I just came home from a library computer class in formatting?!)

I'll be back in a few days, maybe a week.  If all the challenges are like this, it'll take all year to finish days eleven through thirty, haha.

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