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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready or not?

The bags are packed so the answer should be 'yes,' right?  But so often the answer has been 'not quite,'that the feeling persists that there's something else...something that the packing and planning has missed.Are we ever really ready to go?  What about the calls and the get-togethers that we were really going to get to this summer?  (Although a recent get-together with college friends and their husbands was asrefreshing as it can get, and my Toastmasters and Bible study groups are as affirming and stimulating asone could wish for!)  What about the manuscript that received more thought than action, which willhave to wait until I get back in January?  (But I will take a copy along, to work on.) Have I got all the contact information I so carefully gathered last year?  (This year's trip agenda is so full, perhaps it'sbetter that I don't add any more!) Have all the bills been brought up to date? )A brief period tomorrowmorning can address those.) Where are the Indian postage stamps I came across recently? (Nevermind, some stamp collector may enjoy them some day...) The questions multiply, but the answers ares peaking for themselves...I will leave them here on the page so I can get a good  night's rest now.
Let the questions talk to the answers.  I think I am ready to go.

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