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Monday, November 15, 2010

As dandelion wisps fly

An little puff, and dandelion wisps fly.  A big Eeyore-like sigh instead of writing amounts to even less.
A two week whirlwind, a long weekend of upsets (tummy and housekeeping) await blogging, so
let me get on with it.  A blog, "The Lit Coach's Guide to the Writer's Life" provided today's needed
'mommy talk' to stop making excuses.  The blog's focus for November is on discipline, the 'lack' of
which I've bemoaned for years.  No more.
Before embarking on this year's India trip, I prepared and challenged myself for writing about this year's
India trip by initiating this blog site, determining to limit reading and writing practice to the task at hand,
and carefully selecting a paperback (bought with  a bookstore gift certificate, prize for the best senior category poem in a Ramsey County Library Poetry Slam earlier this summer) on the genre,
appropriately entitled TRAVEL WRITING, by L. Peat O'Neal.  (Shirley, you are fluffing.  Get on with 
the writing! = self editorial comment)
Today's description practice...from our back yard::
The ____________ is a curious flower…two mottled, cream and pink bi-partate petals in clusters ranging from one to ten flowers on a thick, unforgivingly thorny stem , the upper part of which is crowded with long sausage-oval leaves of a sturdy green.  The buds, yellowish green, open along relatively soft, smooth twigs containing a sticky milk-like substance.   Full-blown flowers are one or two inches wide, pairs of the rounded petals surrounding a quarter-centimeter center of five-scalloped yellow bumps from which three fine pistils protrude.  Sometimes two smaller flowers, instead of the yellow budlets, burst from the center of another.  On this sunlit morning, a black butterfly knits the clear air around the edges  of the flowerbed.

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