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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

Tired indeed...stayed awake to visit with family--another member newly arrived from the states for a visit-- and have chappatis--our usual evening fare, this time w creative veg curry by resident, younger bro-in-law!-- napped b4 watch night service at neighborhood church...heavenly, a capella sound of overflowing congregation's hymn-singing wafts over from church a few blocks hence, resounding around concrete neighborhood homes and compound walls...I half-awoke to ask Franklin if it was time yet, to find he had already gone and returned...2010's last hour revved up w groups of youth speeding by in cars or on motorcycles while hooting, screaming, exploding firecrackers, counterpoint to continuing strains of hymns. Early morning, from another side, a mullah raises his inimitable all-call to acknowledge, praise and pray to God, not only today, but throughout the new year. Let's!
The kitchen table is cluttered with cakes, sweets, and cookies sent by friends and neighbors, tokens of affection, affiliation and good will during festivals and holidays of all Indians, all year.
Blessings and peace to all in 2011. Lord willing (and He is), may it be a good year for all.

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