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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Note re gap in time...

The last double post about morning sounds was written over a week ago, while we have been without computer, at first, then without the net...the local company tells us the system corrupted because of repeated power outages...during a couple of days of torrential rains...have not heard of this before, , or from anyone else, but that's what co. said had happened. Happy to be back 'on,' in any case. I see folks in MN complaining about probs getting/staying on Y' what else is new... (maybe they're playing with new things?)

Had an interesting and beautiful day Saturday, training session with our evening school teachers and field staff. Satisfying to be able to lend a tiny bit of expertise, but even more gratifying to meet the bright young teachers who staff the evening schools in such spartan situations; only one or two are 'trained' teachers, but all are so earnest,apparently happy and tuning in to children and their needs.
Something between annoyance and a stitch, as three of the men attending in various capacities felt they needed to add their explanations/translations to my presentation, though my perception was that communication had been made and empathy established, LOL! Some things are slow to change!! 'Journaled sights along the way to and fro Rajupalem, the town where we had our meeting,...hope to be able to read and type notes into computer!!

Heavy rains again for a few days here...while you in MN faced heavy snow. Same but different...mosquitoes and perspiration are back in full force...looking fwd to
cooler days...and visit of daughter and expect another gap of several days...Keep warm! (As Red Green says, "Keep your stick on the ice!")


  1. Shirley, It's good to see you blogging about your adventures in India. I thought of you as I watched Ice Rpad Truckers navigate the narrow roads of India and saw how passionate the citizens reacted to every minor situation. I wondered if you are finding the same conditions in you efforts.
    Merry Christmas tou you, your family and you mission group.

  2. Hm, not sure what you meant by passionate reactions...
    And to you too...

  3. Dale, I have yet to see the truckers segment on tv, so I can't comment on that. Another friend mentioned it to me recently (it's April 11), so it must be around...