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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Comforts: A List

Potatoes, cooked most any way; macaroni and cheese; old fashioned dark russian rye bread with butter and a glass of buttermilk; dark chocolate (short break while I go and get some...); sunshine; many windows in my house; my study; soft jazz; classical music played with delight; singing, soaring freely to the top note, humming softly a favorite tune; poetry, especially when I can share poems that resonate with another person; woods in the springtime, collaborating with one spirit, walking with a friend, the fragrance of fresh wood shavings anytime; writing; my family, grandchildren; fond memories of parents; friends who call or show up at just the right time, and any other time; a book that I just can't put down; warm fuzzy blanket; bright colored scarf; sun shining in a unique place and way; sunsets; fresh air, the fragrance of clean sheets dried outside; knowing how to operate machines and technology that help me, that help me communicate; a good, clean joke; laughter; writing and forgetting about the time; a good night's sleep; the kitchen clean when I go to bed; a hot meal ready; affirmations; fresh flowers; a hilarious show or story; a warm hug; silence; photos of happy times and dear people; worship; being accepted just as I am; knowing that I have helped/encouraged/comforted someone else; bringing a task or project to completion; creating art just for the fun of it; a letter---writing or receiving one; falling into bed tired but satisfied with the day; knowing that I am loved with an everlasting love.  Thinking about what I am thankful for as I fall asleep.


  1. Lovely list Shirley! I especially like that you took a break to get some dark chocolate. My kind of lister does that : )

  2. these are fantastic!! I love how specific you made some of these... the dark russian rye bread with buttermilk is probably my favorite of the bunch!

  3. Very thoughtful list... it's funny how almost all of us have focused on food, family & hugs :)

  4. A most delightful list, Shirley! Thank you for sharing :)