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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Collections: A Tuesday List

Thoughts, both bidden and un-
slips and sheets of paper with jots of things I intend to write
sermon notes, songs that moved me
commemorative postage stamps
phone numbers
letters, affirmative cards and momentoes from friends
varieties of art
paper in striking colors
piano music
mom's 40's tapes
mending projects
children's books
lists of library books, both read and intending to read
recipes I'm just going to try
mail to answer tomorrow
handy rubber bands
nifty bags
family photos
memorable verses
gifts, 'just in case'
greeting cards, both blank and all-occasion
notes of things intending to write
trip journals


  1. ahhh, another paper collector! {:-Deb

  2. Paper is a serious addiction for me as well! Here's to nifty bags and trip journals. Wuld love to know more about those "nifty bags!"

    1. Oh, you know, free or funky ones for groceries, ethnic folk ones, zip ones just the right size, clean brown ones I can slit open to cool chocolate chip cookies on, chic or artsy ones to carry to meetings or book club, cute shiny gift bags that can be recycled, shoulder friendly purses that are not cavernous or black, garbage bags with built-in ties, giant leaf bags that usually are black,coin purses nobody uses anymore, 'surprise bags' for guessing and discussion or story starters, bags designed for specific tasks like knitting...

  3. oh, 40s tapes! i'd love to hear those. great list -- thanks for joining us! aimee

    1. ? I'm a bit puzzled, who or what is 'us'? Twould be good to know you better!