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Monday, January 28, 2013

Last Tuesday's List, this week's revision

Okay, Lynn F. forwards Artsyville's Tuesday challenge to list deco changes I'd like for every room in the house.  Is this writing practice or motivation to action?  Let's see how it goes, either way!

OK, some of you have seen the list, others need not:  Short version is, there's lots to do, but what is really needed is a major sort/throw/downsize blitz, and then, lordwilling, move to a not-too-old, one level rambler with three bedrooms, laundry, and garage all on one level near, hubby hopes, our church and a lake.  Referrals welcome!

Funny, (the list, which I reserve as a personal 'to do' list!) was easier to write than the descriptions of travel experiences I've been working on for the last couple weeks?!  Done and 'posted' in half an hour, while the latter languish in the draft folder...hmmm.

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