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Monday, September 1, 2014

30 Day Journal Challenge, Day 30: Keeping Hope Alive

On this last day of the ROOT 30 Day Journal Challenge, the originator of the challenge, Lisa Sonora offers a Chinese proverb as inspiration:

Thank you, Lisa, for making me focus on inspiration, per se.  Though I tend to catch the moments of inspiration as they fly, it's good to have 'swept out' that part of the creative mind, to consider sources and be reminded to remember, access, celebrate, and honor my sources of inspiration by intentional as well as spontaneous writing practice.

In Lisa's daily handful of prompts today, the one that calls to me is:

The answer comes swiftly: my grandchildren.  Whether stopped by a song during a tantrum,  eyes twinkling when we meet, narrating a delightful experience or anxiety, or a rush and a hug in the midst of a crowd of relatives, their love is unconditional.  And so is mine.

Deo gratias.

As other thinkers, writers, and musicians have so often written, I honor the ultimate source of joy and inspiration with the words, soli deo gloria, my humble, pooh-like praise.

(Alas, my inability, thus far, to control the background color and relative size of cut-and-paste quotes.)

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