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Friday, December 5, 2014

Dawn, a new day...

Morning fades pastel pinks and blues into a wispy-clouded, baby blue sky, sun hesitates, it's eight a.m. and I'm back at the desk, stealing a few moments before speaking with others, breakfasting, segueing into the activities of a new day.  Morning meditation has me noting, once again (do we ever really learn?) Micah 6:8, that the ultimate to-do list is simply three items:  do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with God. So let me give it a try, with the help of God.

(I was about to say 'Let me give it a shot,' then many phrases and sayings we have in our language which could be construed as violent...and what would happen if we purged them in favor of more neutral or gentle terms...)

Later in the day, I hear that an essay I wrote, describing first impressions of a writing class I enjoyed, will be published online next week.  You can find it at <> in their blog page, "The Writers' Block."  I hope you'll give it a look:  Let me know if the essay gives you a mental picture of the LOFT can leave a comment right on their blog.

You can also sign up to 'follow' me under the blue bar on the right side of my personal blog page, <>. Then you'll get an email-reminder, with a link right in the reminder, that you can click to return to my blog, whenever I add something there. No advertising emails will result, I promise!

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