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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Aubade - Morning Meditaion

Day Six's poetry prompt is to write an aubade, a morning poem.  Wikipedia suggests that it is often on the subject of lovers parting.  Mornings for me usually start with a sound, whatever I hear first.
In childhood it might have been mother calling for breakfast, the smells wafting up from the kitchen adding a compelling ostinato to the music of her voice.  In the present house it might have come from outside where neighborhood youth sometimes follow a path near our house on their way to school,
from my spouse still snoring in bed or walking down the stairs.  How to incorporate some of these in a poem...???  Here's a first attempt...not very poetic, needs imagery, at least, ...but it's a start.

Aubade - Morning Meditation

Good morning, my world.  
I thank God for what is going to be an amazing day.
My husband, snoring,
may not wake up if I tiptoe downstairs to the kitchen.
I'll enjoy silence
while reading a hymn, a Bible verse or two, and devotions.
Do I like silence
because it lets me wake up more gradually, in my own time?
Does God speak to me
or I listen, more clearly when there are no interruptions??
Thank God for silence
Yet I'm distracted, thinking of warmth I left behind in bed.
Shall I fix breakfast
and surprise him that I've waken up before him, and cooked,
or go back to bed,
ignoring birds, their morning calls crescendoing outdoors,
ignore his snoring,
to meditate instead in the warmth of his waking arms.

                                          Shirley Smith Franklin, 4/2015 - tbr

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