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Friday, April 17, 2015

Day Seventeen, an atypical Haiku

Day Seventeen...but where have days from eight through sixteen gone?  I shall not say 'alas', for they
have been full, spent for good purposes, though leaving little time for creative keyboard work.  Let them go.  Today is the greening of the field and the budding of the tree, time for new things to grow from and among the old.  I shall take the prompt from a second NaPoWriMo prompt site (or is it one from a former year?) to write a 4-9-4 syllable Haiku today.  Then it's onward and upward to enjoy the sunshine, clear air  and blue sky. Every spring is a rebirth for me, for favorite old memories and making new ones. Live and in full color.  In person.  Oh, there it is, the poem writes itself...!

Fields green, trees bud,
embrace color, live, in person,
fairest Spring awakes.

                           ---Shirley Smith Franklin 4/15

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