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Saturday, April 8, 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017, Day Eight: Repetition, repetition, repetitiveness...

As you might have guessed, today's prompt is to use repetition in some form, any form, short or long form, just be sure to use repetition.
If you like.

I will think on words from an old (like, 1940's) song: ---- for starters. The song goes on to describe and extend the first idea, but I'm thinking of repeating the first few words to create a list of similar statements (this will not appear online.)

You can try, too: email me your results, or post them as comments here.

The following is, obviously, not a serious poem, just setting the wheels in motion for developing the above exercise later.   I see by other poems written to today's prompt take the repetition idea much farther, literally bathing their poems in a single word or phrase and variations thereof.  I didn't go that route...'just a little will do,' in mine, vis:

Good luck to you,
luck to me,
luck to all
who hear pen and paper's siren call.
Writing is a lucky task,
writers are lucky too,
though if it weren't for readers
what good would writing do?
I write for me
but I also write
to be heard.
To be heard,
in a word,
is a kind of bliss,
and I'm hoping you find some
in all of this!            ---Shirley Smith Franklin

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