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Friday, April 7, 2017

NaPoWriMo Day Six: A Favorite Pet, or, Failing That, Favorite Food and Day Seven: a Haiku

Day Six: OK, even as a child I disliked being asked what was my favorite anything.  I mean, all the colors are beautiful; how and why should I choose just one.  A box of crayons was one of the most wonderful
things in  my seven year old world...but that's a story for another time.

I'm going to reclaim a bit of time to catch up (it's actually Day Seven already) and I'm going to take a pass on the favorite challenge.  I trust that any real 'favoritism' can will emerge in any and all of my writing, though not named/claimed as such.

See you later...

Day Seven: Haiku (This one's a 'beater', but maybe it led me 'somewhere.'...))

They say a haiku
is a poem about nature
five, seven, and five.

That is, if you count
all the syllables in it
exactly, just so.

We say that a haiku
can explore any topic
succinctly stated.

If the word count goes over
or is ordered wrong,
who cares.

What matters is the thought                          I'll have to work harder on mine.  This one is just
described, condensed so purely                    an exercise: 'heartfelt' has more power and, hopefully,
it takes your breath away.                             stays with you throughout the remainder of day!

Thoughts may be humorous,                        NO, scratch that comment; good ones often come easily,
joyful, wry, or sad, bottom line being,         if more leisurely. That's one way I know they're 'good.'
haikus that make your heart glad.                Okay, two ways :-D
                 --Shirley Smith Franlkin

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