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Sunday, August 3, 2014

30 Day Journal Challenge, Day 3: "That said..."

Okay, yesterday was confession time. Today it's examination time; self-examination, that is. But Lisa doesn't suggest sitting down and looking into onesself intentionally at this point. Rather she encourages journalers to 'just write' and see what comes out on the page; that, over time, certain images/themes/(and may I add, styles) will repeat themselves.  These, then, will be what to examine further at some later date.  Don't try so hard to analyze what you're writing as you go along.
She also suggests visualizing a tree, every part of a tree, and choose which part of 'my tree' seems most significant at this time. (This assumes that we can 'own' her version of visualizing our own lives as trees.)
(Oops, that WAS a bit of analyzing wasn't it. Furthermore, it illustrates what may already be a theme of
scattered, or shared, perspective. In the foregoing paragraphs I veer from Lisa to the omniscient 'we' to
myself.  Hmmm...)
But, to take Lilsa's suggested image, and her prompt, vis  :If I committed to tending the roots of my experience by journalling for 30 days, then...   I must expect, there will emerge themes and  constructions that are my particular 'style.'  Whee, what a boon this will be for the obligatory 'author bio' statements expected by magazines and public reading venues.  I would be more productive at my desk, besides being freed to write freely, elsewhere.  I could be modelling the fun of writing for my grade school children. And my habit of writing would become more relevent.

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