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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Here we are again! 30 Day Journal Challenge, Day 1

Day One, August 1, 2014

Welcome back to walk along with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, friends in a thoughtful, slow, and hopefully enjoyable month-long blog focused on journalling.  This month I'm going to share my responses to at least one a day of  Lisa Sonora's ROOTS: 30-Day Journal Challenge prompts.  She's encouraging people to take up the journalling practice; I'm dedicate this month to greater discipline in my writing habits.  You can just write along on your own, or join the challenge at You need to subscribe to her blog to get the emails...and can unsubscribe if you decide to discontinue after August.  Note:  It is free, and the commitment to do it is voluntary.

The first day's prompt challenges us to think about beginnings.  You might write about a specific 'beginning' in your life.  I have enough to say about beginning per se.

I am better at most beginnings than endings.  I may procrastinate indefinitely before choosing a class, leaving the house for church or any other reason, or some mornings, simply getting dressed and presentable for the day, unless I have definite idea for how/where it's going to go.  Once I do, then, watch out:  I will enthuse about a new class, buy new materials even though there are plenty of unclaimed folders etc at home, collect new friends at a party or event, collect and set out ingredients hours and days before I actually get around to making dates to meet, or baking something.

It's follow-through I'm concerned about.  Why do I lollygag along the way?  Why do I sign up and/or start
more classes and projects (making paper, paper cutting art, sending birthday cards, buying and saving clothes for just that bit of tailoring that will make them fit, promise get-togethers with neighbors, elderly and/or newly met international women than I can actually carry out?   Why do I have years of notes and intentions for poems, stories, and a play without getting around to publishing or staging them?

Slowly but surely, I'm learning ways to 'move off the dime.'  Not the least of which is responding to challenges, like this, which nudge me along in the right direction:, toward completion and closure. Another help is enlisting several friends as an 'accountability group.'

Let the challenge begin.

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