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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

30 Day Journal Challenge, Day 5, Turning It Outward

Hmmm, all of this so far seems rather self-serving.  Today's inspiration and prompts by Lisa ask what I am committed to,  As I look at who and what feed my spirit, I see an embarrassment of riches.This week I came across a note from a study I did several years ago, using Julia Cameron's book THE ARTIST'S WAY, in which note I shared some of the things that inspire and delight me: (to be added here)

And of course people have especially enriched, empowered, encouraged, and enabled me along the way.  At the risk of omitting a great many of them, notable are my parents, my grandmothers, Sister Placid, a Latin teacher, a missionary met at Bible Camp, my high school music teacher, bff girl friends in high school, college and among my teacher (career) friends, a pianist, a social worker, Mother Theresa, Jesus and his friends, a retired school principal, students, neighbors and friends at church, parents' friends. international friends, a nephew, my husband and children and grandchildren,  a volunteer counselor, a change mentor, writing instructors, mentors and peers.  From time to time I have listed these friends and encouragers in more detail, sometimes in a prayer list, often naming them in meditating on the formative influences in my life, always thankful to God for them.

And now Lisa suggests enlisting an 'advisory' group composed mostly of artists, musicians, and _____  This I have done, several years ago.  Although only a few consider themselves creatives, they all possess a certain appreciation and zest for life as it is lived, and actively relate to and encourage others.  We do not meet as a formal entity, and few of them know each other.  But they hold me to the intentions I have expressed to them
with listening ears, periodic checks on whether/how I am working on goals, and/or showing an interest in my process and/or 'products.'

I am truly blessed, and thankful for each of these people and more.  As I said, an embarrassment of riches of friendship and encouragement along life's way.  Recalling them requires examining myself.  Do my efforts deserve all this affirmation. Do I give them feedback. Do I do my part in response. THAT's what my mission in life appears to be:  to encourage, affirm, and model a positive attitude toward life and people. In regard to journalling (and hundreds of poems, a handful of essays, and nascent play and memoir), the big question is, does my writing do that???  Let me re-examine and turn outward (shape and share) what I can.

And am I overdoing this journalling...this page has taken over an hour...Is it the best use of my time?  I hope it has at least refreshed my mind and my thinking...

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