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Monday, August 4, 2014

30 Day Journal Challenge, Day 4: Where am I going and how do I get there?

Hmm, I thought Lisa would ease us into 'practice' by tossing out situational anecdote starters, and we would be off on a storytelling lark.  Journal.  Storytelling.  What's the difference?  One could tell stories in a journal, if those stories are the thoughts-of-the day, but the focus of a journal, if one can generalize--given what follows in this sentence--is more of, like, what-I-think-today, right?

Today's prompt starts with an Inspirational quotation:
“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”  (Kurt Vonnegut said that.)  followed by several prompts, of which I choose the sentence starter, "It makes my soul grow by…"
which pretty much answers my questions, where am I going and how do I get there?  I never thought of it in Vonnegut's terms, but I do know that writing makes my spirit soar...even when I'm writing schlock or drang (I think that's the word, for woe).  I always 'get into it', and time disappears (as my spouse and children will no doubt vouch.)  So, yes, I aim to feed or debrief my spirit, and I must agree, despite my irregular practice of it, that the practice of writing is one important way of accomplishing that. (Other ways that work for me are song, time with family, helping others, reading, walking and talking with good friends, and, most importantly, worship.) (and even the mundane, when it 'clicks': cooking, and laundry )

And so yes to spirit, yes to writing, yes to the practice of writing.  Even badly...which I think my babbling in these first four days of the challenge has been.  Skills and routines can become rusty; I know mine have.
On the one hand these four days seem like a spinning of wheels, i.e. going over and over the same, in fact a priori, discussion about the value of , and my intentions for, keeping a daily journal.  On the other hand, I acknowledge that  stating one's intentions, especially when sharing that statement with others, provides a stronger motivation to keep on going.  Momentum. Keeping this blog alive. And having done it every day proves that it has, and can be done.  All of which feeds the spirit,  Yes, I can.

So let me do.

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