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Thursday, April 21, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Catching up: Day 20: A Kenning Poem (and then some)

The past weeks' poems, (a bit behind, are we?), will now  begin to appear, in random order, interspersed with more dates going forward.  I hope I can catch up, but then, who's to say I have to? Ha! One of the joys of retirement ... time to write. Sometimes!

Day twenty's challenge is to write a kenning poem, using a riddle-like metaphors, semantic constructions said to derive from Norse sagas.  But, if my limited Finnish experience guides me correctly, this is still a common way to construct and express nouns in Finnish conversational language.

It's a riddle to me how the days pass and notes toward poems for days twelve through nineteen are still in disarray, notes scattered throughout my house and the week.  Will they find their way back to the blog? Bear with me if they appear in random order in 'The Last Page..', as I trust they will.  My kenning today is a wry comment in that spirit, without apology.  After all, it's spring!

The Truant
                 by Shirley Smith Franklin
Face faker
late waker
fun maker
rule breaker
leave taker
cookie baker
mud caker
clear laker
leaf raker

Any excuse, to skip out of class!

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