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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Napowrimo 2016, Day Three: Poem as Fan Letter to Pekka Kuusisto

Dear, and after one evening,
I say so advisedly,
Pekka, pronouncing both k's
the way Finnish people do,
as though relishing the name
like the opportunity
to relish your performance
fresh and new, anticipating
up coming performances
before even half of this one
before performance itself,
before you opened your mouth,
spoke in unassuming tones,
though not as unassuming
as your unassuming encore,
your black garb not completely
though almost formless nor cliche'.
Those slender shoes, or
were they leather stockings
slipped into the air as you,
dervish or spritely turned
and leaped to the music,
playing and peering into
the first violinist's eyes,
only you were the first
violinist, conductor,
and sprite, leaning, leaping,
the first section breathless,
not breaking but driving
a forward intensity
building, ebbing, while
a brand new kind of mozart
filled with innuendo heartfelt,
second act dance. My
heartfelt thank you to you.

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