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Sunday, April 24, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Days Thirteen and Fifteen: Look in the Mirror

Addressing two days' challenges in one: Day fifteen's challenge is to write a poem in a doubles form, with doubles (interpret as you like: mirror, repetition, couplet, typical pairs, twins...) of some kind. Hm, I'm going to combine two challenges here and write some doubles as the form for day thirteen's challenge, which was to write fortune cookie sayings: statements or questions and their antitheses or parallels.  Each saying is a one line poem.

Walk between the raindrops - if your shoe fits.

Everything's turning green - But I hope that's not you.

It's not paid for yet if your shoes squeak, or if the stairs squeak.

Flowers bloom in a glass globe, earth lights up in a lightning strobe.

Why try to save a trinket or two, you won't be taking any with you.

Don't wait for inspiration, when it's time, it'll find you.

An optimist always finds hope. Pessimists have trouble recognizing it.

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