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Friday, April 8, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016, Day Six: A Food Poem

Day six's featured international poet is Ma Ei, a Burmese woman, whose line tells it like it is:  "on the days I write no poetry, my mind gets polluted." * Writing, distilling words into poems, is an exercise in clarity, necessary for mental health, for sure!  

So today the Napowrimo prompt is to write something involving food.  Let me try to write five food-based aphorisms. Meals served, in company, with pride and care, nourish more than the body.

You can make a meal from leftovers, meat, pasta, veggies, salad and all, 

you can make leftovers from a meal, alone, in company, or while making a call,
meals are always in season, summer winter or fall.

Leftovers from a meal, meat, pasta, salad and all, become new meals

Man does not live by bread alone, woman does not exist merely to please. (Ooh, that stings.)

How I love the lowly potato, rooted and grown underground,

under cover of deceptively green, bug attracting foliage.
If it survives, potato needs to be dug and washed, 
its eyes squinting every which way, against light of day,
yielding at last its its comfortable, comforting heat, so
deceptive you will forget, forgive, the pain of your labors.

The lowly potato is my favorite veg.

Over all other veggies it has a fair edge.
How underground it grows until ready,
sunshine infusing it with vitamin C.

* As if in answer to Ei's quote, I remember Julia Cameron's advice to write something, anything, first thing in the morning, as an exercise in 'sweeping' the mind.'  OK, well enough.  Let the day begin,

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