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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Napowrimo 2016 Day Four: Why March is the cruelest month

March, 2016
Today's challenge is " to write a poem in which you explore what you think is the cruelest month, and why."

The Cruelist Month
by Shirley Smith Franklin

March, cruelest month of all,
histrionic about-face
poverty stricken next to fall,
when colors advance and night
fades sooner but gradually, 
unlike March, unpredictable, 
reckless with warmth, sunshine, cold,
endlessly threatening squall,
calling forth picnic sunshine
and reneging after all,
blustering into the party,
blasting in cold from the hall.

But this is still the way of the world.
April is coming, the flowers sing.
To everything there is a season, 
so let frivolous March have its fling.

[This poem is a little disappointing...or can it be redeemed?  March itself 
really can be disappointing...It is, this year! In my past experience, 
not many poems get written during this changeable (changeling?) season...
Lordwilling I'll rise to the challenge of a poem a day, not just in March
but  in perpetuity, that is, as long as He gives me utterance  Meanwhile.  
I will work with this poem till I get March's personality right!    

April 10th:  It's been revised!  Did you notice?   But I think it still lacks pizazz.  Do you?             

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