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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Napowrimo 2016 Day 2 challenge: Write a family poem

Exercise, "The Family"
by Shirley Amith Franklin

The family, the family
oh where has it gone,
parents departed,
brothers have flown.
The sister I craved
never appeared,
Children once cherished
never are near.
But cherish them all
I will, never fear,
we're joined at the hip
and the spirit is clear.
I love you dear family
too much to relate,
you may debate)
so haste I to say
before it's too late,
I love you family,
warts, moles and all--
more than this drivel
pretends to recall.
However distant
it's never to late
for true confession:
family, you're great.      Note: Not very happy with this one...the idea has potential, but the poem uses
          S.S. F.                  trite expressions, culminating in the last lame line...

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