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Sunday, May 1, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 23: Better Late Than Never

Day twenty three, and napowrimo suggests we write a sonnet.  Unhh, I am veering away from such strict forms...why? I search and search for my book, POETIC FORMS, but find it not. Lame excuse.

Napowrimo elaborates, that, beyond the usual forms of sonnets, there is basically a question posed, explored in the form of ideas that might answer the question, and conclusions are proffered, to arrive at an answer the question, i.e., an answer is given.  Here, form is not such a major concern. Oh! Why oh why didn't someone tell me this earlier?  I may be a poet after all! (haha)

Napowrimo suggests that it helps, to keep the form tight, not rangy, and to use the poem's brevity as a goad. In any case, here is trying my hand at such a sonnet. I intentionally use dated language and deliberately truncate some grammatical forms, i.e. abbreviated conventions.  I am not done with this one yet...'can already see how to tighten it up some more...I'll be back to this page, whether on TLPOP or not.

What Is It, About Spring?
by Shirley Smith Franklin

What is there about spring
makes it so amazing?
Is it that bud and sprout,
make new, and roe of trout
is spewed upon a stream?
Summer isn't summing up,
winter isn't winning,
leaves fall, but that's not all;
there's also more to spring.
Could spring be metaphor
for something, returning,
'come better, more and more?
Resilient. You. Me. Yes.

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