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Thursday, May 5, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty Nine: Remembering Spring

Today's challenge:  Write a list where every line begins with an 'I remember' and is rich in concrete detail. Make a poem with  or without the 'I remember' refrain.

Remembering Spring
by Shirley Smith Franklin

I remember the greening of trees, softening the lines of their stark black trunks.
I remember the pink of wild cherry tree branches bending toward each other to confer.
I remember feeling confident that I could open the side door without help.
I remember dressing for Easter church and wearing a blue and gray checked coat, though the day was warm.

I remember babysitting a newborn on new year's eve in the subdued lighting of the house that was the first place I ever heard NPR. I was too young to be trusted with such a responsibility, but they assured me the baby wouldn't wake up in my charge.  (Cliffhanger report:  the baby slept the whole time.)

Well, there you have it, wimping out you may say, but there are other words, other papers, other tasks (including doing the dishes and sorting the laundry!) keening for my attention. Perhaps I may come back to this list some day.  The possibilities are endless, were the return to result in a work of fiction.

One more day to go on the April challenges...then, back to the backlog of possibilities at my desk!
This has been fun, however breathless.  It will be interesting to look back at what I wrote after a period of time...(confession: I do look back, perhaps too often--is that possible?-- already!)...and to browse the poets-in-translation and the translations-of-poets-of-other-nations embedded in each of NaPoWriMo's daily April posts.

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