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Monday, May 2, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016, Day 26: Say It Again!

Today's challenge, a 'call and response' poem, ala sermons and hymns, folk songs from many nations, work chanties, or cheers.  Googling 'call and response' brings up plenty of examples. A website called SongFacts lists a number of popular songs of this type. Another mentions Ella Jenkins' songs for children, including the catchy (which ones of hers aren't?!) "Jambo," that was popular with some of my first grade classes.

I'm wondering whether repetition of the last lines of stanzas qualifies as 'responding'--'anybody out there know?  I'm thinking of working both response and last-line-repetition into whatever comes out of the pen (computer) today...stay tuned!  [In the end, I just used the refrain line as italicized in the poem below, a frivolous combination of words that happened to rhyme.  Make of it what you will, and, if you would be so kind, please send your impressions and comments my way!]

The Campaign
by Shirley Smith Franklin

Strangest political campaign in years
Tell us, average voters, what are your fears?
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Listen to the candidates tout their stuff
denounce their opponents, create mythic fluff,
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Hubris and promises made over beers,
move us to laughter or sometimes to tears.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Let one of them make the smallest mistake,
others soon calculate which tack to take.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

He's winning, she's winning, that one is out,
'confusing to know what this is about.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

He scorns women, he even flouts it.
She asks,'What do men know about it?'
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

He says the country's become a dump,
get on with the vote, get over this hump.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

She's got ideas for making things fair.
He has more money, his power is there.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Heaven knows the future's going to be rough;
dissention, contention are not good stuff.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Economic bust or economic boom;
can you see the elephant in this room?
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Although this sorry scene may be amusing,
Vote for the candidate least confusing.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Lest nations, in dismay, while looking askance,
politely demur when they're asked to dance.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

Lest our country be diminished, fail to thrive,
under a leader unable to drive.
Trump! Frump! Heffalump!

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