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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

NaPoWriMo 2016 Day 27: Along Longer Lines

Today the challenge is to write longer, haiku-like lines, with seventeen syllables in each line.  The syllable count in this potpourri, using lines and rejoinders old and new -- would you call it a poem? -- got a bit carried away, and galloped off at an average rate of twenty.

by Shirley Smith Franklin

If wishes were horses and horses could ride, why don't we invite horses inside?
If a penny saved is a penny earned,  why aren't piggy banks bursting at their seams?
When a stitch in time saves nine, why, by now isn't the whole world a safer place?
When you look before you leap, you might remember other promises to keep.
They say he or she who laughs last, laughs best, but where's the joke, and who's laughing now?
They say rolling stones gather no moss, but they flatten everything in their way.
Settle arguments before dark, debts before borrowing; better yet, don't have them.
See beauty in everything, look in the mirror. Reflect on what you see there.

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