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Monday, May 2, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day 24: Breathless

Breathless, determined to 'catch up' on last month's poetry challenge, exercising the brain, I tell myself, at every possible moment, 'Exercise the aging brain!  'Must keep fit!' (What is 'fit'? who determines the parameters?) So. Day twenty four's challenge starts playfully enough:  generate two lists of words, one of high-falutin', overly poetic (?), little-used words, the other of quotidian (now there's one of the first for ya'!), over-used, hum-drum words.  Then mix and match in a poem: form, length, and theme wide open.  Well! 'Sounds pretty much like 'doin' what comes naturally.' But feels forced when approached intentionally!

Big-shot words:  hyperbole, perspicacity, embolism (yikes, where did that one come from?), quotidian, candor, fraught, fusillade, emblematic, burgeoning, dimity, prurient, surmise, prescient, twit, magnanimous, evanescence, prim, perdition, perfect', regimen, repugnant, resurgent, sovereignty

Everyday words:  cup, poor, kind, know, tweet, open, yawn, sunshine, per'fect, good, diet, cute, yeah, later, busy, wash, game, deal, see, dump, cool, stuff, like, dishwasher, table, coffee, fast food, training, security, password

Mish Mash Poem: A Portrait in Mixed Parlance
(embarassedly to say) by Shirley Smith Franklin

His yawn was the perfect kind 
to convey his repugnant sovereignty,
emblematic of comments
like, 'Yeah, cute,' fraught with candor
as good as a dishwasher
burgeoning magnanimous
over 'cool stuff' like fast food.
I surmised him, thus saying,
to be a quotidian twit.

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