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Monday, April 25, 2011

End Story

Today I'll write a bit of imaginary overheard conversation.  Tomorrow the
autobiographical's constantly on the back burner!

End Story
imagined overheard late in the week after Easter

'Guess that's the last we'll hear of that story.
After all that angst, hype, falderal,and glory,
not to mention all the gossip and  rumors,
outright lies and and in-group humor.
To think that crowds flocked out to buy
the trumped-up popularity of the guy.
Why, anyone with a head on his shoulders could make
a pretty good guess that the guy was a fake.
And, did you hear, he bragged of sleeping on the sod!
Why, he'd even --what's that?--back in town again?
                                                             Oh, my God!!

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