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Monday, April 18, 2011

If I Were a Bird Today

by Shirley Smith Franklin

If I were a bird, of soaring I'd be fond,
over the house, from this noisy town away,
find peace and some solitude near a still pond,
(near plenty of food and feathered friends, I pray).
I would sing my heart out whenever I pleased,
twittering all kinds of love songs to the breeze,
or,  if I pleased,  repeat frustrated questions
again, again, though answers be suggestions
or outright rejections.  I would want to build
a comforting nest of rambling proportions
with nooks and crannies filled with delicious snacks
and a variety of books--paperbacks.
I wouldn't care about what the other birds said
about ruffled appearance or unmade bed.
I'd humbly (but proudly, probably) reply
in honest, brash poetry:  I'm a Magpie!

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, ooh, lookatthis: a quotation from a book review by Lisa Jarnot, to which review there's a link on the sidebar of today's napowrimo page:
    "As for The H.D. Book, perhaps it will serve as a reminder of the poet’s potential to be self-motivating, curious, and awake to the possibility that some foggy recessed alleyway will open up a world."
    Lord, renew my faith!