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Friday, April 15, 2011

Whee, Three (napowrimo poem) Days in One

I was too busy to keep up the challenge earlier this week,
but here are three new poems by me, Shirley Smith Franklin.
Enjoy:  word play (meeting the challenge of a '5 Minute Poem'
head-on), a romantic thought, and an April nature report!

Day 13, The Five Minute Poem

Five, I've just five minutes.
I've minutes to write a mini-poem.
Fine.  Minimum five lines of poetry
Minim.  (Stop to look that up:  It's either
one sixtieth of a fluid dram, or,
in music, one half of one whole note.)
I like that idea...half a note.
Noting this poem is half done.
five minutes are half done, too.
Minutiae.  Minimum.
How many words can you make
from letters in "Five Minute Poem"?
Way over sixty, in three minutes flat,
and I like that.

Day 14,  Thinking of You

"Have I told you lately that I love you?"
An old song; an oldie, but a goodie.
Come to think, haven't heard it lately, too.
(Odd word, 'either,' why not just repeat 'too'?)
Haven't heard on "American Idol,"
on T.V., or on radio, too.  But
runs through my mind a lot.  Oh, I love you.

Day 15, April, After a Hard Winter

Young birches sway, white-flagging the wind.
Old Oak turns gray, dry creaking branch snaps.
Maple leaves break out, splitting red buds.
Blue sky oversees ways of being
in a brand new world.

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