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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wait, wait!

It may be 12: 38 a.m., but, to me, it's still Saturday, the 9th.
It was a great day, dear neighbors for lunch, cooking before
and dishes, and dishes (!) after, a short walk, a good nap,
relatives come to debrief, interpolated with a call from our
son...We try to clarify a few plans concerning his upcoming
wedding.  Perhaps this poem flows from all that busyness
(for which the Telugu word, hadaavady, is so much more apt),
with its attendant/fleeting opporunities to really communicate...

If you want to make a point
don't use abbreviations or
contractions.  Make eye contact.
Talk slow.  Wait for the
appropriate moment.
Adjust for understanding,
or lack of it.  Be ever so honest
and intentional.  Make it
exceedingly evident
that you are
when you making a
   o                                            ? tbr?!

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