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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Forty Line, One Sentence Challenge

Here's a rhyme
told in time,
time and again
same at the end
in sound,
in sight,
coming round,
taking flight,
flight of me,
fancy free,
tale of you,
tale that's true,
tale of sadness,
tale of life,
may be gladness,
may be strife,
fresh, new-minted,
subtle, hinted,
shades of anger,
or cliff-hanger,
at first writing,
with compulsion,
though if biting,
with revulsion,
poets, authors,
teachers, mothers,
fathers, brothers,
sisters, others,
everyone can write,
whoever tries,
though it be trite,
or full of lies,
though it excites,
saddens, delights,
writing can smooth,
writing can soothe,
so try your hand,
you'll be surprised
you're better than
you first surmised.

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