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Friday, April 22, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

OK, I took the napowrimo suggestion to write a cento...a poem using
(variations on) lines drawn entirely from other people's poems...a weird
premise, if you ask me, but, considering it a challenge, I took it on. 
The lines for this contest (which will award, to each of  three prize winners,
twelve books of poetry by poets I've never heard of...and  admittedly that's
not saying much for my knowledge of contemporary poetry...from among
the thirty five volunteer judges of the contest!) are all selected by the poet,
Danielle Profunda, who initiated the challenge.  Entries are being accepted
through the 23rd, so if you're interested, check napowrimo's day 21 post. 

A Matter of Perspective
by Shirley Smith Franklin

Unveil the cathedral.
Open the purple clothed neck.
I lift my eyes in glee
to drink in each appearance.
But, love, let silence open
your mocha jewel-toned mouth.
Now I hear the clock:
how incidental it seems,
because I have needed you.
Just stay now, and share my room.

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