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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kitchen Inventory

Kitchen Inventory
by Shirley Smith Franklin

Cupboard doors and inaccessible corners: I'll clean them next week.
Aging Formica counters, though nicked, still shine when buffed twice over,
The dented stainless, double sink  is still my favorite place,
vantage point for shenanigans in lives of backyard birds.
Washing dishes allows me time to meditate on words.  
The sprayer sometimes sticks, but never, well, hardly ever, leaks.
Cupboard with oatmeal, oil and rice.  Lazy susan, cupboard of spice.
Stove is new; a point of pride is a window, so I can peek inside.
Lower cupboard for pots and pans; upper shelves: trays, liquor, and bags.;
Irregular doors hide shelves of canned food, spices and more
one pulls out, one snaps in, flanking the frig and its supply.
Basement door, covered with paper: dates, calendar, grandchild's pictures.
More cupboards for coffee, recipe books, drawers for phone books, stuff.
Lonely too-small counter piles up, near large shelves, large bin of rice.
Oh there's mail on the table, old and new, family pictures, a note for you.
Gone shopping to restock the cupboard and frig, I'll be back                TBR, greatly!!
 to puzzle out how these figure in a poem.    Meanwhile, stay home!

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