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Saturday, April 2, 2011

How about just two?

Today's <>'s poem-a-day challenge is to write a poem incorporating the titles of two of the books in your house.  Misremembering the number, I used the names of just two.  (Halfway to Harmony is a gentle, somewhat laconic portrait of an imaginary town called Harmony, as narrated by fictitious pastor who takes the idiosyncracies seriously.  Under a Wing is the memoir of  Charles Lindbergh's  family by his younger daughter.)
Surprisingly, the message of the poem serves to describe both of the books!  Serendipity?!

Evening in Duckville

Halfway to harmony
a pair of ducks
waddles along
the pebble path
from the pond,
hearing the argument
of their children,
little peeps
and louder ones,
fuzzy ducklings
vying for their places
in the family
pecking order.
Now the parents
come into view.
Ducklings shriek, fall, push,
clambering up
on each other,
or being pushed,
til suddenly,
under a wing, they’re home.


  1. What a sweet little story about sibling rivalry in the animal world. Your writing made it very easy to imagine the little fuzzy ducklings.

    Look forward to "C".


  2. Thanks! I enjoyed reading a few poems on your blog, too!

  3. I just have to check out the site sometime to see the it is I run out of the house with my notebook and camera and write a poem at lunch.
    I love your poem, we have ducks and I could watch them forever!