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Monday, April 15, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 14: Write in the voice of a superhero or villain

Well, I tried, but it only started out like the witch of Hansel and Gretel fame, then went somewhere else...What do you think of it simply as a poem, villain or not?

The Blessing

Ah ha haaa, now I've got you, my juicy little one.
You are so sweet that,
Like Woody Guthrie, I could eat you up.
You are so fragrant that,
like Jack's Giant, I can smell you from far.
You are so precious that,
like Aladdin's Uncle, I could hoard you to myself.
You are so delightful that,
like Cinderella, I can dance.
You are so pretty that,
like Woody again, I could eat your toes.
You wiggle, I giggle.
You smile, I stay awhile.
You babble, I scrabble
and put to use
any excuse
to relish you, sweet, fragrant, precious, delightful,
pretty, wiggly, giggly, babbling grandchild of mine.
Ah ha haaa, now I've got you!

                                       _ Shirley Smith Franklin

And it figures, that my grandmothers, especially the Finnish one, were superheroes to me, as was my mother, the grandmother of my children.  I aspire to be a superhero in some way to my grandchildren.

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