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Friday, April 19, 2013

NaPoWRrMo Day 19, Time for a little levity

Today's challenge is to write a personal ad...something fun and/or fictional.  Hmm, now why would I ever even want to write a personal ad.  Looking for household help, more than anything else...naww, that's not very personal, more like help wanted.  OK, then, in search of the ever-elusive ideal...

Something I'd Never Thought I'd Publish, But There It Is

In search of man I married:
Fond of movies, shopping,
long bike rides singalongs,
dinners with friends.
Pert mustache,
diffident if not cocky air.
Likely to call attention to small instances
of beauty, humor and innocence.
Generous, encouraging, solicitous to a fault,
spontaneous but strict about timing.
May be masquerading as lawn mower,
stock broker or occasional escort.
Last seen in front of TV.
If found, approach with caution:
May be lost in thought;
first establish eye contact.
Subject may need communication repeated.
Text leads to <123Lookatme>.

                             --Shirley Smith Franklin


  1. LOL!!! Very funny Shirley!

    1. Thanks...I had fun with it, once I started in on it.