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Sunday, April 28, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 24: Anagrams and random lines

Today's challenge is to write a poem using only words that can be generated (on the web) from the letters of my name, using each letter no more often than in my name.  I try 'Shirley Smith Franklin' and come up with over 700 phrases using all the letters, with words, some of which I would rather not use to describe myself.  I try only 'Shirley' and come up with only ten, out of which I select  'His Lyre,' 'hers shy limit,' and  but with 'Shirley Smith' I've struck gold...and I select  "Relish thy Ism."  At first I'd assumed having to use whole phrases...but, after reading others' creations today,  I see--why not individual anagrammatic words as well. Still, the result is just something of a 'beater.'  I revised twice, and will let it pass, now, as 'practice.'...

Shirleyisms:  Her Shy Limit

Mis Shy lists rhymes
her rhymes relish mirth
this mirth stirs style
stylish rhymes hie rhythm
her rhythms stir hermits
the hermits trim limits
their limits list heirs
the heirs sit, stylish
trim, relish simile.
She smiles.

Relish thy isms.
(She is His Lyre.)
                                by Shirley Smith Franklin

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