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Thursday, April 18, 2013

NaPoWriMo Day 18: The End-all and Begin-all Hijab

Today, simply write a poem that begins and ends with the same word.  Once again, I have anticipated it by doing that very thing in Day 17's poem.  (What's the temporal opposite of 'deja vu'?!)  But, ever resourceful, I shall endeavor to do it again, intentionally.  Sounds easy, right?  so let's add a juicy, underutilized word, for good measure. All right then, intentionally and with panache.  That word will forever remind me of an incident that took place at a vibrant, usually pro-active senior citizen community in Penney Farms, Florida.. Here goes:

The End-all and Begin-all Hijab
(prose poem musing, with playful interlude)

Panache:  a stylish, original, and very confident way of doing things that makes people admire you: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, or
 1: an ornamental tuft (as of feathers) especially on a helmet 2: dash or flamboyance in style and actionverveMerriam Webster

Panache, she said,
I'm glad you wore it with panache.
            (Now, what's in a word like panache?
            On the surface, just another ache.
            Like so many others, mister,
            just one more thing to thing-k about.
            What'd you expect, Mr. Sir Face?
            That I'd recognize it, written down?
            Words could rhyme by look, you know.
                                                look here:
            bread, head, bead, mead, thread, dead,
                                                rugged words,
            dogged words, vying to be heard.
            But, panache, now that's the question,
            what's it mean, what's your suggestion?)
I had worn a colorful scarf,
when she informed me, as we ate:
No head coverings at dinner.
All pride, all prim, hair proper-like,
hairspray, barrettes, and rubber bands,
ribbons, perhaps, a perky bow,
but no, no show of modesty.
That would be too much, she said, as
I tied my headwrap askew. She glanced
around for powers-that-be, then leaned in,
all conspiratorially,
I'm glad you wear it with such panache.
                            --Shirley Smith Franklin


  1. You picked a great word! This is a hard one but at least we don't have to count syllables or accents : (
    Great job Shirley! We are neatly there,